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The History of TCface

So, Third Culture was born; makeup made from natural earth minerals.  This means that our products are made from elements found naturally in the earth.  They are mineral rich, which provide much-needed nourishment to the skin that it’s sometimes starved of.  They are non-comedogenic and are in my opinion the perfect addition to your daily routine alongside a good cleanser and moisturiser for that flawless, healthy looking skin. Third Culture is the Mineral makeup for makeup artists because of its extensive range of tones and shades. Our philosophy is to celebrate being different by offering the widest variety of colours that recognise the beauty and diversity of skin tones.

TCface.com, today not only stocks our own brand of beauty products but also a number of trusted boutique beauty brands because we recognise the importance of products that do not contain harmful chemicals. We want to promote the use of ‘natural’ makeup by showcasing that you can create the same dramatic makeup looks with ‘natural’ makeup, that you would with any other mainstream brand of makeup without putting your skin at risk.

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Celebrate unique with Third Culture.